The key to success in supplying high-value physical commodities is to be direct to the source of production.
SM Bhiyoza Pty ltd is a family owned entity conducting business to its widest form through import & export, supplying and trading with domestic and international customers.
We tailor supplies according to the precise needs of our customers and source these economically viable commodities including ferrous and non-ferrous products, copper cathode, loose uncut rough diamond, gold bars/nuggets, used rails, aluminum scrap​​​, copper scrap, scrap brass & bronze, exotic metals, zinc scrap, lead scrap,​magnesium scrap, tin scrap, tungsten scrap, steel scrap,​stainless steel scrap,​plastic scrap and many more. We aim at supplying top and premium products at best below market pricing plans to accommodate both bulk and small scales purchasers.

SM Bhiyoza Pty ltd sources from actual artisan miners, private companies, manufacturing companies, and state owned companies. We also work with smaller producers that seek marketing expertise with global distribution of their products. Our customers rely on us to be their trading partner. We deliver – on time - every time and have built an organization structure that can achieve success anywhere in the world.